BCL Foundation is delighted to announce the BCL Regional Partner Program. It is a program to support expanding BCL eco-system across the globe. Join our program to become a partner of innovative projects.




BCL Foundation is delighted to announce the BCL Regional Partner Program. It is a program to support expanding BCL eco-system across the globe. Join our program to become a partner of innovative projects.



PROGRAM MEMBERS can enjoy all the technologies of BCK Foundation which already have developed, including BCL Chain as well as IoT Platform. Even for the future development, PROGRAM MEMBER can play an important role to contribute and decide future of BCL project.


IoT Devices

PROGRAM MEMBER can import all the integrated IoT devices which have been tested for years. In addition to it, PROGRAM MEMBER can freely develop their own devices in order to accelerate their own business as well as BCL eco-system.



PROGRAM MEMBERS can join BCL marketing scheme by jointly joining regional related trade shows or conferences. Based on the commitment, PROGRAM MEMBERS can receive BCL token as a seed for your future business acceleration.




The biggest innovation of blockchain as a decentralized trust network is that it invented a way to create consensus of value transfer among multiple participants. With the emergence and continuous development of Ethereum, it ensures the transparency of smart contracts and fulfills the demand for secure and complete consensus. We firmly believe that BCL Foundation will take the best of blockchain and further develop our society in a safe and cost-effective manner.


Lock was invented as a proof of the property ownership in the human history back in B.C 2000. Now the sharing economy has been evolved after 4000 years. The fundamental meaning of sharing economy is “temporary change of the ownership”.
Smart lock, in our definition, is a ‘lock’ which knows when to open for the ‘right person’ at the ‘right time’. This unlocking can be done via digital authentication, if a person has the legitimate private key, which in the case of blockchain, will allow the person to access the property by allowing the lock to be opened. BCL Smart Lock records all the transactions of ownership changes against blockchain and verifies the ‘rightness’ of the ownership. This is what we refer to as the ‘tokenized sharing economy’. 


Under the lofty mission of "Unlock the World" at BCL Foundation, we examined the ideal way of a commercial blockchain service. We have concluded that the key to the commercialization of blockchain services is to build an incentive mechanism by "token economy" that gives investors, exchanges, application service providers, and users an incentive to participate in the corresponding blockchain service. Even though each participant seeks to maximize or protects his / her own interests, the ecosystem of commercial blockchain service will be developed by solving the problem of consensus relating to simultaneous transfer of information and value.


In order for the BCL Chain to be developed as a commercial blockchain infrastructure, it is important for more consortium partners to act voluntarily to help expand the BCL ecosystem, based on their own interests. In order to help with this facilitation, BCL Foundation has taken the following actions: 1. implemented an algorithm that allows more consortium partners with more contributions to earn more block rewards; 2. introduced a mechanism whereby each consortium partner can issue its own sub-chain and assets on the BCL Chain in exchange for BCL tokens. With this design, each consortium partner can explore its own business in its chain while enjoying the security and trust of the entire BCL network, resulting in becoming a major consortium partner of the BCL network and thus, be able to receive sufficient block reward of BCL network then, makes it possible to further develop their value transfer business. 



One of the biggest system integrator in Japan.



One of the biggest system integrator and private think tank in Japan.


Blockchain and IoT device technology company.